SKC Data Science Workshop for R-Studio on JupyterHub

SKC is hosting on a free Data Science Workshop presented by Internet2/MS-CC instructors under the MS-CC Proof Of Concept Grant program which is funded by the NSF award #2234326. The workshop is for SKC students and faculty. The workshop will use the Data Carpentry,, training plan.


It will be focused on R-Studio on cloud-based JuypyterHub instances. Participants are required to have a laptop with Internet access and an up-to-date browser. This is a hands-on workshop.

It will be in the RDIII Rm 142 on June 20 & 21. The instructors are Russell Hofmann and Tim Middelkoop from Internet2/MS-CC.

SKC Faculty, Researchers, and Staff are eligible for supplement funding for the two days at their institutional base rate. Students are eligible for a $500 stipend if they attend both days.


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