SKC Cyberinfrastructure for Advancing Research and Education (SKC-CARE)

SKC Data Science Workshop

SKC is hosting a Data Science Workshop put on by Internet2/MS-CC presenters on June 20 & 21. The workshop will be focused on using R-Studio on cloud-based Jupyter Hub instances. SKC employees are eligible for supplemental funding for both days. Students qualify for a $500 stipend for attending both days. Registration is closed.

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SKC has Joined the InCommon Federation

SKC's Google log ins can now be used to access online research and educational resources.

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ACCESS-CI Resources

SKC Faculty and Researchers using their federated SKC Google login can now request free cloud-based resources to support their research and education at the Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Coordination Ecosystem: Services & Support.


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This website provides Cyber Infrastructure (CI) information, training, and access to resources such as cloud-based Jupyter NoteBooks, national research compute platforms and national research data sets. This website will be continuously updated as SKC's CI Program grows and additional resources are added.

These CI resources are for SKC researchers, faculty, and students who need access to higher-level research resources such as compute clusters, large data storage facilities, artificial intelligence Large Language Models, and cloud-based data tools such as R Studio and Python.


Cloud-Based R Studio using Jupyter Notebooks

SKC in cooperation with Miron Livny and his Team at the University of Wisconsin has Jupyter Hub instances hosted on the OSG available to faculty, researchers, and students. These Jupyter Hubs provide access to Python and R-Studio Data Science environments via web browser. You can use your SKC Google Login to connect to your own instance.

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